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Lil’ About Me

Heidi Verbanic

Freelance Health, Travel, & SEO Blogger & Writer. Healthcare Professional.


I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
– I’ve lived here my whole life
– I didn’t go on an airplane until I was just shy of turning 24 years old
– I absolutely LOVE to travel & have made it to 23 states so far
– I’ve barely left the US; Mexico, Aruba, & Turks & Caicos are the only exceptions
– I love creating itineraries for visiting new cities, & sometimes hypothetical itineraries to convince my friends to visit new places with me
– I also plan on reviewing some of my favorite and least favorite cities/states/etc.

My biggest passion in life is health & wellness
– I have two degrees focused in health, and when the next opportunity arises I plan to earn a third
1. Bachelors in Public Health
2. Masters in Health Informatics

3. My third will ~probably~ be another masters in health research
– I keep up with current events in both Public Health & advances in Health Informatics
– Lots of this blog will consist of content relating to health 🙂

Machine Learning & Mental Health Research
January 2019

Opioid Drug Monitoring Programs Grant Proposal
August 20

Predictive Analytics & Cardiovascular Disease Prevalence in Patients
April 2018

Electronic Medical Records using AI Detection analysis for future Patients December 2017

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